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60,393 Overseas Filipinos Cast Their Ballot At The Philippine Consulate General In Dubai

A total of 60,393 overseas Filipinos cast their ballot at the Philippine Consulate General in Dubai during the 2022 Overseas Voting which was held from 10 April to 9 May 2022, the highest number of overseas voters in the Middle East since overseas absentee voting began in 2004.

The number accounts for a record 31.49 per cent of the 191,779 registered voters in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, which is also the highest number of registered overseas voters among Foreign Service posts all over the world. In the 2016 presidential election, a total of 37,950 voted which is 30.8 percent of 122,953 registered overseas voters in the Philippine Consulate General in Dubai.

The Consulate exerted all possible efforts to achieve this record number of voters during the month-long period, including having extended hours for voting and providing free shuttle services for voters from different emirates.

“This record turnout is a testament to the keenness of overseas Filipinos in Dubai and Northern Emirates to participate in the democratic process of elections in the Philippines, and make their voice heard in choosing which path our country should take in the next six years,” said Renato N. Dueñas Jr., the Philippine Consul General in Dubai.

The 2022 Overseas Voting in Dubai was held at the premises of the Consulate and the Philippine Overseas Labor Office-Dubai from 10 April to 9 May 2022. The votes were counted and the post-election proceedings were held immediately after the closing of votes. The proceedings ended on 11 May 2022.


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