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Abu Dhabi Airport Now Called Zayed International Airport

Abu Dhabi’s airport will undergo a name change starting February 9, as announced earlier in October last year. The capital’s airport, recently honored as the world’s leading airport operator at The World Travel Awards, will now be known as Zayed International Airport.

The renaming coincides with the airport’s recent achievements, including the inauguration of Terminal A in 2023. Formerly known as the Midfield Terminal during construction, Terminal A boasts an impressive size of 742,000 square meters and can cater to up to 11,000 passengers per hour, facilitating a staggering 45 million passengers annually. Moreover, Terminal A has the capacity to handle 79 aircraft simultaneously.

Noteworthy amenities at Terminal A include 163 food and beverage outlets, alongside various shopping options. The terminal gained immediate attention upon its opening last year, with Hollywood star Tom Cruise among its first passengers.

To commemorate the renaming, Abu Dhabi airport will host a series of celebrations from Friday, February 9, to Sunday, February 11, offering travelers discounts and special offers on duty-free purchases, dining experiences, and retail items.

Travelers passing through Zayed International Airport will also be treated to live performances by international artists, bespoke giveaways, and numerous surprises.

Additionally, there’s more reason to choose Zayed International Airport, as Etihad Airways recently announced new direct flight routes, including destinations such as Nice and Boston. Furthermore, the airport has expanded its flight offerings to China with the inclusion of Hainan Airlines.


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