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Abu Dhabi Announces New Service For Parking Fees

The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) of the Department of Municipalities and Transport of Abu Dhabi has announced a new digital parking fees payment option through the smartphone app “Darb”.

The app allows motorists to use the available balance in their Darb e-wallet to pay parking fees, simplifying procedures and saving time and effort by offering drivers a convenient and flexible digital payment option for standard and premium surface parking spaces in Abu Dhabi without having to send a text message (SMS) as before, thus saving costs to customers.

Customers who have “M-Mawaqif” e-wallet accounts can use the balance in their e-wallet through text messages until their balance is zero and then switch to the Darb app to pay their parking fees. They can also link Mawaqif rechargeable cards activated now and benefit from the service.

The ITC clarified that customers can top-up their Darb e-wallet by using Mawaqif rechargeable cards selecting the option “Add New Rechargeable Card”, and following the instructions on the Darb application. The balance will then be automatically added to the Darb e-wallet.


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