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Apple Set To Launch iPhone 15 Series in UAE on September 22

Tech enthusiasts and individuals looking to upgrade their smartphones have a reason to mark their calendars as Apple gears up to release its iPhone 15 series in the UAE on Friday, September 22. This eagerly awaited launch will see the introduction of four new models: the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Launch details

Despite earlier speculations of a delay until October, Apple has confirmed that the launch is back on its original schedule, with pre-orders starting from Friday, September 15. The announcement followed the confirmation of Apple’s special launch event slated for September 12.

Pricing insights

Pricing details, as speculated in a Forbes article, indicate a potential increase in the prices of the Pro and Pro Max models by around Dhs360 and Dhs730 respectively. The unofficial starting prices for the various models are as follows:

  • iPhone 15: Dhs2,937

  • iPhone 15 Plus: Dhs3,300

  • iPhone 15 Pro: Dhs4,035

  • iPhone 15 Pro Max: Dhs4,770

Customers also have the option to trade in their existing iPhones to avail of discounts on their new purchases.

What’s new?

In terms of features, Apple users can anticipate a number of upgrades and new introductions with the iPhone 15 series. The company is reverting to the standard USB-C chargers, abandoning the lightning cables that have been a staple for several generations.

Adding to the novelty is a multifunctional ‘action button’ which will replace the existing mute switch, providing users with the flexibility to program it to perform various functions.

Further enhancements include a shift from stainless steel to titanium chassis for both Pro models, promising lighter and more durable frames. Particularly, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will house a groundbreaking periscope zoom camera, expected to offer double the 3x optical zoom available in the predecessor iPhone 14 Pro Max.


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