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Arab Fashion Week - Day Five Finale

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Renowned designers wowed the audience during Arab Fashion Week’s finale on 28th of April at Arab Fashion Week Closing Night hosting designers that showcased their unique collection on 28th of April 2019 at 1422 CityWalk.

1422 stands for “1 Council For 22 Countries” an iconic space specifically created and dedicated for luxury shopping, custom made fashion and lifestyle experience.

Dubai, 29 April 2019

Amato Couture – UAE Launched in 2002 UAE, Amato, which means ‘beloved’ in Italian, is the brainchild of the much-awarded creative designer Furne One, who partnered with textile expert Rashid Ali, to build this Avant Garde label. From the very first collection, Amato touched a chord with the region’s fashion elite. Inviting UAE’s beautiful women to a style renaissance, Amato broke the glass ceiling through a symphony of style and creativity. Words like ‘inspiring, intriguing and innovative’ are only a few of the compliments showered by Amato’s discerning clientele on Creative Director Furne One.

Baravia Fashion – UAE Baravia Fashion is a high-end fashion shop for women’s clothes, owned and managed by the designer Gulnora Muhedinova. Baravia showcased casual and ready to wear outfits, stylish wedding dresses, and elegant evening wear collection.

Rami Kadi – Lebanon Rami Kadi, a Lebanese-American fashion designer showcased Spring-Summer 2019, an exuberant ode to the free spirit and creativity of Burning Man, radiating iridescent beams, hallucinating with visual illusions and hypnotizing in its colors.The collection is as vivid and effervescent as the transformative community that inspired it: colors are ever-changing, materials are holographic and combinations are playful. Things are not quite what they seem in a collection that embodies a territory of radical self-expression, celebrating Bohemia with couture finesse. Light is transitory, blazing from mirrors and laser-cut plexi in geometric embroideries mapping the body to enhance its sensuality. Bold combinations see casual wear reimagined with unabashed glamour: chaps, two piece sets and leggings are fully embroidered. Contrarily, gowns are youthful and light no matter the volume nor the opulent crystal embellishment. Slick-tailored half-blazers are graphic and relaxed; shoulders sharp, lapels soft. Asymmetry alludes to balance, structure compliments fluidity and jet black contrasts invigorating color prisms.Once again, Rami Kadi brings up contradictions throughout his collection, as he presents a unique, liberate, indulgent and lively view altogether to the world.

Sophie Couture – Azerbaijian

Sophie Couture designer Gunel Babayeva presented women's evening dresses with unique and elegant designs that create flawless silhouette and enhance sense of femininity. Collections of Sophie Couture combine original style and modern fashion trends, creative color palette and exquisite quality of fabric. Designer’s style determines the mood of each collection, but the magnetism of perfect lines is always the same. Sophie Couture makes special emphasis on the selection of textiles, sewing techniques, making delicate embroideries, beadwork and detailing in their garments. Every piece of the collection is handcrafted in the own atelier. As a result, each dress is a timeless masterpiece that helps any woman be in the spotlight.

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