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Are You A Registered Filipino Voter In Dubai? Here’s Earlier Cut-Off Timings Has Been Imposed

The Philippine Consulate General in Dubai has imposed earlier cut-off timing for Filipino voters participating in the ongoing 2022 overseas voting in the emirate.

According to an advisory, this is to ensure safe and orderly conduct of overseas voting.

From May 6 to May 8, its cut-off time will be 7pm, an hour earlier than the previous cut-off schedule.

On its last day, May 9, the cut-off would be at 3pm, synchronized with the Philippine time.

Those intending to vote from May 6 to are advised to come before 7pm to be accommodated inside the polling precinct.

On May 9, voters should be inside the consulate premises or within 30 metres of the consulate’s entrance gate before 3pm in order to be allowed to vote.


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