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Arte' Pilipinas, a community festival from PH showcasing the richness of art and culture.


Arté Pilipinas – a unique, first-of-its-kind, 4-day festival showcasing art, performances and public installations – attempts to pioneer an ambitious cross-cultural exchange between the Gulf, other expats and Filipino communities.

A project of the Philippine Business Council - Dubai & the Northern Emirates in collaboration with Philippine Consulate General in Dubai and the Filipino Community in UAE.

The United Arab Emirates is considered a dynamic, cosmopolitan society due to the diverse nationalities and ethnicities that live within its borders. From Australasia to Southeast Asia to Eurasia to West Africa to Latin America and the Caribbean, the UAE’s residents comprise over two hundred nationalities – almost matching the number of UN state members.

In recent years, the UAE has catalysed on this unique society by introducing a variety of cultural, social and economic initiatives that celebrate and highlight the contributions of these various communities. In the Emirates, one of the largest diaspora groups is the Filipino community where over 500,00 have called it their second home.

Their contributions to the UAE society span education, healthcare, arts and culture, wellness, automotive and airline industries and much more. Yet, to date, very few public undertakings have focused on exchanging and learning about the culture of the Philippines. Most cultural and public projects have been small in scale and isolated as an experience from the larger UAE society. In turn, Arté Pilipinas – a unique, first-of-its-kind festival showcasing cuisine, performance, art, and public installations – attempts to pioneer an ambitious cross-cultural exchange between the Gulf, other expat and the Filipino communities.

The two main presentations of the Festival focus on art and cultural production and cuisine from the Philippines. ART This segment is a curated series of exhibitions and displays that feature painting, films, sculpture, photography, mixed-media installations, as well as the dramatic arts, such as poetry, vocals, street dancing, and dance by UAE-based Filipino talent, and some invited artists from the Philippines.

FOOD (TBC) The Filipino cuisine is a culmination of the various indigenous hunting, fishing, and gathering practices of its numerous islands. The rich and diverse cuisine is the result of navigation across Filipino waterways that have throughout the centuries been influenced and colorized by cultures such as Indo-Malaysia, Spain, Japan, China and France. This gastronomy culture is presented in full at Arté Pilipinas.

Call for UAE-based Pinoy Artists – painting, sculpture, photography, film, installation, fashion design and other contemporary forms. Take centre stage among art collectors, gallerists, influencers and art community. Starts on 10 September.

SOURCE : Ms. Vhie of Arte' Pilipinas |


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