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Asian Maid In Dubai Arrested And To Be Deported After Hitting Infant's Head Several Times

The Dubai Misdemeanor Court sentenced an Asian maid to one month in jail and deportation after she hit a one-year-old baby repeatedly in the head.

The father found out what the maid was doing through the CCTV camera in their house.

The Dubai Public Prosecution referred the accused to court on allegations of child abuse and requested that he be charged under Federal Law No. 3 of 2016 regarding the rights of the child "Wadeema" and the Federal Crimes and Penalties Law.

According to official court documents, the maid assaulted the one-year-old girl by hitting her on the head twice.

The baby's father confirmed that he saw his kid being hit in the head several times.

On the other hand, the accused denied the allegations against her. In her defense, she only put the child to sleep by stroking his head.

He added that he did not want to cause her any harm, and confirmed that he was the one featured in the video with the child.


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