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Be Aware on Social Media Posting Consequences!

January 10, 2019

Recently, a viral post containing image of Proud Pinoy Media Founder and a Filipino choice New Media Personality Nominee - Michico Lopez Ramos has been cursing many times and put into boiling water after her picture circulated on social media. Filipino community groups are alarmed on the said picture scandal as it was spread rapidly like a wild fire online. It reaches thousands of Facebook group chats, Filipino community pages, escalated in volleyball community groups and other social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook private messengers and replicated relentlessly by haters without knowing the real fact of the


The defaming messages are written in Tagalog language, a screenshot picture and name on it of the complainant containing a life threatening, malicious, offensive, misleading & false claim information against her posted by one individual and proliferate by bashers. Thank you and Salute to Dubai Police for a swift response & urgent action on the said matter. Now the case is closed and attached link of the girl Public Apology Letter which she consent to spread awareness to everyone.

Disclaimer : The said Article is a True story based on personal experience of the complainant and the involvement of complainee who consent the Article for posting of awareness on others to not repeat again the same scenario. In case you have any specific issues in terms of complaints and legal concerns please seek your legal counsel or direct proper authorities to solve the problem.

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