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ConGen Cortes Appoints PID 2020 Leaders

Consul General Paul Raymund Cortes officially appointed PID 2020 leaders at the final bow of the series of events for this year's successful annual community celebrations during the bountiful Thanksgiving yesterday at the Banquet Hall of Emirates NBD head office from 9AM until 4PM.

The Thanksgiving Party, coined as "Pasasalamat" gathered approximately 400 participants consisting of the mighty PID 2019 and Bayanihan Festival 2019 community leaders, sponsors, Filipino communities of the Northern Emirates, and heroic volunteers. The day was filled with an incredible amount of fun, laughter, games, prizes, talents, and appreciation as a tribute to everyone's efforts and participation to the success of this year. Exciting prizes were given to all like hoodies, cargo boxes, scholarships, leisure vouchers and many giveaways, and top prizes like smartphone and 2 plane tickets to the Philippines which made everyone's day full of delight!

As this year's grand community celebrations flooded with representations and heroic symbolism of unity, freedom, and togetherness, yesterday’s event has also set a fresh new chapter which is foreseen to be another huge success. With this year's outstanding leadership on the events headed by Josie Conlu, PID 2019 and Bayanihan Festival 2019 Chairman, she was able to build an empire of modern day heroes with comrades Vice Chairman Jason Roi Bucton and Communications Chief Lance Japor who embody the iconic trio "Team Tatsulok". It was truly a fruitful year full of inspiring efforts of leadership that it didn't create a single doubt of who the new leaders of tomorrow will be.

As the celebrations ended with gratefulness and unity, it also appointed the successors of Conlu, from team Tatsulok to be the next leaders of 2020's 122nd Philippine Independence Day and Bayanihan Festival.

His Excellency Consul General Paul Raymund Cortes, together with spouse Dra. Yasmin Balajadija-Cortes duly appointed former Vice Chairman Jason Roi Bucton as the new Chairman and former Communications Chief Lance Japor as Vice Chairman, with Josie Conlu's unwavering leadership still present as an Adviser. This announcement completed the Thanksgiving with excitement and anticipation as these remarkably trusted, skilled, and experienced new Chairman and Vice Chairman already won the community's heart from the start.

It was truly another year full blasted with Filipino culture and traditions worth the celebrations. As another set of community leaders and organizing committees work hand-in-hand for next year, may the true essence of our being Global Filipinos continue to prosper and embark significant memories through our meaningful activities that proudly resemble our unity as a strong community in the UAE.

Congratulations PID & Bayanihan 2019 Leaders! Looking forward for year 2020.

SOURCE : Ruby Espinosa [DuBlog] READ MORE |


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