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Covid-19 Cases in UAE Drop By 22% After Extensive Vaccination Drive

As health authorities in the UAE conduct extensive vaccination drive, experts said that the Covid-19 cases in the country have dropped by 22 percent.

As published by Bloomberg recently, the country has rolled out one of the fastest vaccination drives in the world, administering 60 doses per 100 people to date.

As of February, UAE has administered around 6 million vaccines against Covid-19. The country, on the other hand, has reported 2,930 Covid-19 cases yesterday, February 28.

So far, the country has vaccinated half of the entire population, prioritizing high-risk individuals including senior citizens, people with chronic disease, frontliners, and people of determination.

While Covid-19 vaccine does not offer 100 percent protection, Dr. Rohit Kumar, medical director at Medeor Hospital was quoted as saying by Khaleej Times, that it greatly reduces the chances of getting infected with the deadly virus.


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