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COVID-19: More Than 2,000 Tourists Visit Dubai Every Day

Dubai has reopened its borders and airport for both tourists and returning expats since July and there has been a dramatic increase in travelers going inside the emirate!

"It's been a month since the order was issued to open borders for tourists. They trust the safety measures in the country. Tourists who arrive will talk about their experience to others and we expect more to come," Brig. Talal Ahmad Al Shanqiti, general director assistant of Ports Affairs in GDRFA-Dubai, said in a Gulf News report.

He also revealed that there are more than 20,000 travelers through the airport every day, the majority of them are tourists as well as residents traveling in and out of the country.

"UAE has taken the lead in opening the airports by taking all precautionary measures to curb the pandemic. UAE has dealt with the pandemic with priority and the results have been positive. Dubai Airports was a pioneer in operating and returning to flying," he further added.


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