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Creating Fake Emails, Websites, Online Accounts In UAE Can Be Fined Up To AED200,000

In an effort to combat rumors and cybercrimes in the UAE, authorities, through a short film, reminded the public that creating fake emails, websites, and online accounts is an offense in the country that comes with a huge penalty.

In the video posted by the state news agency WAM, it cited Article 11 of the Federal Decree-Law No. 34 of 2021 on combatting rumors and cybercrimes, stressing that any person who creates a fake website, online account, or even email in an effort to impersonate a person will be imprisoned and pay a fine of not less than AED50,000 and not more than AED200,000, or one of the two penalties.

The offender shall be imprisoned for a minimum of two years if they use or allow any person to use the fake website, online account, or email to cause harm to the impersonated victim.

If any UAE entity is impersonated using a fake website, online account, or email, a penalty of imprisonment of not more than five years, and a fine of not less than AED200,000 and not more than AED2 million shall be applicable.


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