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Creative Mamita Team Pilipinas Womens Dominate JAM Sports Academy in WBL Division 2 Clash

In a thrilling match last Wednesday, the Creative Mamita Team Pilipinas Womens emerged victorious against JAM Sports Academy at the ongoing Women’s Basketball League (WBL) Division 2. The game, held at Champs Jabal Ali, Dubai, showcased the competitive spirit and skills of both teams.

Lovely Rabena of Creative Mamita Team Pilipinas Womens was named Best Player of the Game, leading her team to a decisive win. Her performance was instrumental in securing the victory, demonstrating exceptional talent and strategic play.

The Women’s Basketball League (WBL) 2024 Division 2 season officially started on May 12, 2024, under the supervision of the Dubai Sports Council and the UAE Basketball Association. This year, the league features five teams competing for the championship: NBA Basketball School UAE, Champs Sports Club, JAM Super Girls, JAM Sports Academy, and Creative Mamita Team Pilipinas Womens.

The league has already seen several exciting matches, with teams showcasing high levels of athleticism and teamwork.

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