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Daniel Matsunaga and Daina Menezes To Grace Post-Philippine Independence Day Celebrations in Dubai

Prominent Filipino actors and models, Daniel Matsunaga and Daina Menezes, will be in attendance at the post-Philippine Independence Day celebrations taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre today. The event, organized by the Filipino Social Club, promises to be a vibrant and memorable gathering for the Filipino community in the UAE.

The Filipino Social Club, a CDA-regulated non-profit organization in the emirate, has been working tirelessly to ensure a successful event that commemorates the spirit of Philippine independence. As part of their efforts to foster unity and cultural exchange, the organization has invited Daniel Matsunaga and Daina Menezes to join the celebration and interact with their fans.

The post-Philippine Independence Day celebrations will be a one-day affair filled with various exciting activities. Attendees can look forward to the Battle of the Bands, a thrilling competition showcasing the musical talents of Filipino artists residing in the UAE. Additionally, a pageant for teens will provide a platform for young Filipinos to showcase their poise, confidence, and cultural pride.

This event follows the recent success of the first fluvial yacht parade held on June 10, 2023, in line with the 125th Philippine Independence Day. The parade, organized by the Filipino Social Club, was a grand spectacle that highlighted the vibrant Filipino community's unity and resilience.

Filipinos and residents of the UAE are encouraged to participate in the post-Philippine Independence Day celebrations. The event promises to be an extraordinary gathering where attendees can embrace their cultural heritage while enjoying the company of fellow Filipinos. It serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving Philippine traditions and values in a foreign land.

To ensure convenient access to the Dubai World Trade Centre, the Ajman Filipino Community has announced a free shuttle bus service from Ajman. This initiative aims to facilitate transportation for those residing in Ajman who wish to join the celebration. The gesture reflects the community's commitment to inclusivity and making the event accessible to as many people as possible.


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