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Debt-burden OFW power-couple now owns cookware business in UAE


The couple behind the success of this business are CEO and President Ms. Mary Beth Dumilag and CFO Mr. Dong Dumilag who were both Filipino migrant workers in United Kingdom. The Dumilags started their humble entrepreneurial journey around 2011 when they were introduced with the UK Saladmaster business program.

Working as full-time employees with four kids, due to an unexpected circumstances, the couple ended up with a huge debt between shark loans, credit cards and piled up bills. The couple recalled, it was like their lives was like a sinking ship, despite working in management position in the healthcare industry. The demands of their financial situation nearly ended them up almost homeless.

Upon getting introduced to the Saladmaster when one day they got invited to attend a cooking show, their lives began to change. It was on March 12, 2011 when they attended their first Saladmaster cook show, At first, they were both reluctant as they already heard of it two years ago and kept declining the invites having believed it was just high quality with an exorbitant price tag! However, the couple who invited them were good friends and they didn’t want to let them down, so they went. That night became the beginning of their life changing journey. Ms Mary Beth (Ms MB as everyone calls her), recollected “we didn’t even anticipate that the decision we made that night in investing in Saladmaster and joining its business opportunity would make us bid farewell to our well-valued jobs”.

They started their Saladmaster journey on a part-time basis with its Free Set Challenge in 90 days. It started with a lot of qualms, but they finished the challenge with 22 sets sold in less than 90 days. As they continued on in the par-time arrangement, they had numerous sleepless nights, with travels to cook a show for clients ranging from 2 hours to 8 hours one way. Most times they spent the whole night driving back to catch their same day jobs. On weekdays, their 9-year-old son would go with them, after picking him up from school straight to cooking shows.

Due to the success of their hard work to achieve the initial 90 days, they kept going. Yes, there were many times they ended up with frustrations and disappointments. Yet, they kept going believing that there will be more and more families who will see beyond the product and look into its lifetime health benefits. “After all, people never retire from cooking. People never stop worrying about their health.” Ms MB and Sir Dong cited in. The couple kept going until February 2012, Ms MB left her management job for good and focused on Saladmaster full time. They strived more to pursue cooking shows from referrals, going to homes of people they met for the first time. In short, they became what friends call them “Calderologists”. By God’s blessings through their persistence and perseverance, they became first World Champion and record holder of sets delivered in a month (Saladmaster was in over 50 countries at that time) in May 2012. All their hardships have paid off on the succeeding successful months building their record to 37 sets delivered in a month with a five-figure income every month in British Pounds.

Finally, in October 2012, they qualified as Direct Dealer on the Saladmaster success program. Being a Direct Dealer means they have to open their very own dealership (franchise), Sir Dong bid adieu to his employment.

January 2013, they opened their very own Saladmaster dealership in Bristol, England being one of the very few Filipino business owners in the UK. It was a dream (that was never a dream in the first place – as they never thought to become business owners) come true.

Through the years of hard-work and focus they became debt free. They moved their dealership here in Dubai in 2015 with just one purpose: To share how Saladmaster changed their life – health and wealth – to people who will believe, commit and work hard like they did. Empower LYF was built from scratch here in July 2015. It means Empowering L(Life), Y (Youth), F(Families).

Currently, Saladmaster Empower Lyf Dubai’s success over the last 6 years has enabled them to promote two dealers already (Sharjah’s Elite Nutrition and Al Khobar, KSA). Like Ms MB and Sir Dong, they too embarked on the Saladmaster success journey form “Employee to Employer”. Empower Lyf has also branched out in Saudi Arabia too. The company in KSA also solely owned by the Dumilags.

They never forget to mention that this endeavor is for their children’s future. Three of their adult children are also involved in the business in varying capacity. A family business focusing on building more successful families.

Saladmaster Empower Lyf Dubai offers an innovative cooking method without the use of oil and less consume of fats that help consumers achieve their goals in obesity management and prevent other diseases. They are still in the mission to share not just the health but the business opportunity. Currently, Empower Lyf is searching for its next champions who will become the next businessowner of a dealership.

With the business huge success now they’re opening a massive Business Hub Office & Showroom located at 375A, Al Wasl Road Jumeirah 1 Dubai, United Arab Emirates with 5,200 Sqft. Area for showcasing the world premium 316 stainless steel cookware that inspires better cooking, healthier living and a variety of delicious opportunities.

Their story is a faith driven endeavor. The couple entrusted their life journey to the Lord with full faith as they do their part of “Seek ye first (Matthew 6:33) and with the full willingness to work hard, conquer obstacles and just keep going.” They attribute their success and more to come to the Glory of God alone.

An Inspirational Story that If They can - You can! Book an appointment now to learn more!



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