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Dubai-Based Beauty Queen Crowned Mutya ng Pilipinas-Charity

Angel Gwyneth Gutierrez, a Dubai-based Filipina, was crowned Mutya ng Pilipinas – Charity during the Mutya ng Pilipinas Dubai pageant. The crowning took place in the presence of the pageant's National Director, Cory Quirino, who mentioned that Gutierrez was overwhelmingly chosen by the judges for the newly added prestigious title within the Mutya ng Pilipinas Dubai framework.

At 19 years old, Gutierrez represented her hometown of Batangas and became a crowd favorite, impressing attendees with her performances in the National Costume and Evening Gown segments. She clinched the title on Tuesday, March 5, and is set to represent the charity programs of Mutya ng Pilipinas in the Philippines as an ambassador, with her first project slated for May.

In her victory speech, Gutierrez expressed a deep sense of responsibility and honor. She outlined her commitment to making a positive impact in the community, particularly aiming to support Filipino household workers in Dubai by offering educational training in computer technology. Furthermore, she emphasized her intention to actively participate in volunteerism within the community.

Gutierrez, who is also an intern at Angelwings International Tourism, a family-owned business, has a degree in Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance from Curtin University Dubai.

In a Q&A session, she shared her journey to the pageant, which she described as transformative. Initially hesitant due to her shy nature, Gutierrez saw her participation as a means to step out of her comfort zone, discover her potential, and find her advocacy. She extended her gratitude to her supporters, dedicating her title to God, her family, and the less fortunate, emphasizing her commitment to charity and community service through her new role.


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