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Dubai doctors save Filipina girl who swallowed 11 magnets

Doctors in Dubai have recently saved the life of the six-year-old Filipina who accidentally swallowed 11-high-powered magnetic beads and suffered from severe intestinal perforations that were life-threatening.

Citing a Gulf News report, the girl, Althea Faye Barbacina, swallowed the beads a week ago while playing. It reported that surgeons conducted laparotomy to repair the perforations to extract the beads.

Barbacina was brought to the Emergency Room of the Medeor Hospital, Dubai, on March 8 when she had severe vomiting with excruciating abdominal pain. Her body had lost a lot of water and she looked pale and dehydrated.

“I was shocked to see some flashy substances in the scan. Her intestines were swollen and appeared obstructed, showing high-level infection, which was unusual. I quickly referred the child for a CT scan,” Dr. Jamuna Raghuraman, specialist pediatrician, said.

The medical team found the presence of a metallic substance in the form of a string of beads in the CT scan. “However, the child apparently scared, did not confirm swallowing anything. But a few minutes later confessed the truth to her mother,” the doctor said.

Dr. Raghuraman further explained that magnetic beads, when swallowed, tend to stick together, causing serious injuries, including holes, intestinal blockages, blood poisoning, and fatalities.

Barbacina’s father, Elmer, thanked the doctors who have saved his daughter’s life.

“We are relieved that our daughter is safe. When the doctors informed us that she had swallowed magnets, we were terrified,” he said.


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