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Dubai Expat Killed By Countryman With Fruit Knife

A Pakistani expatriate in Dubai has killed his countryman by stabbing him with a fruit knife after an argument.

Citing the official records, the victim was with the 24-year-old Pakistani defendant at a residence in Satwa when the incident occurred this month.

According to sources, the victim insulted the defendant. The latter went to the kitchen only to get a fruit knife and stabbed the victim in the belly.

“The victim called me saying he had a fight with someone in Satwa. He asked me to take him to Umm Al Quwain. He looked tired and under the influence of alcohol, but I didn’t see blood on his clothes. I dropped him at the location. The next day I heard he passed away,” the Pakistani driver said on the record.

Meanwhile, the victim’s roommate in Umm Al Quwain said that it was 10pm when the victim arrived in their place and slept without eating dinner.

“I went to work the next morning when he called me asking for a painkiller. Later, I received a call saying that he had died,” the roommate testified.

It was ruled out that the victim had died from internal bleeding in the intestine.


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