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Dubai Expat Wins AED25,000 Monthly Salary for 25 Years in Raffle Draw

Mohammed Adil Khan, a 33-year old architect and interior designer from Azamgarh, India, is celebrating his early retirement dreams coming true after winning Dh25,000 monthly for the next 25 years in the Emirates Draw.

Having worked in Dubai for five years at a prominent real estate company, Khan decided to try his luck in the Emirates Draw for the first time. To his astonishment, he emerged as the fortunate winner of the grand prize. "I feel I have retired early," Khan expressed with excitement, describing how he was resting after work when he received a congratulatory email notifying him of his unexpected windfall. The initial shock quickly turned into joy and relief.

The unexpected victory holds profound significance for Khan, as he is the sole breadwinner for a family of eight back in India. Tragedy struck when his brother, who was working in Saudi Arabia, succumbed to Covid, leaving Khan responsible for not only his own family but also his late brother's family and their parents. "I am the only breadwinner for the entire family," Khan shared, highlighting the immense responsibility he shoulders.

The Dh25,000 monthly prize offers Khan a sense of financial security, giving him the ability to provide for his extended family's needs. Grateful for his good fortune, he envisions bringing his family to the UAE, but Khan also recognizes the importance of managing the newfound wealth wisely. "I have to be very careful in how I spend the amount. I have not planned anything yet," he stated, showing a prudent approach to his newfound prosperity.

The Emirates Draw's FAST5 game, launched approximately eight weeks ago, has attracted a substantial number of participants seeking the fastest route to winning. With a mere Dh25 ticket, participants not only have a chance at the grand prize of Dh25,000 monthly for 25 years but also stand a chance to win Dh75,000, Dh50,000, and Dh25,000 in the raffle draw.


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