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Dubai Gang Lures Expat To Fake Massage, Steals AED50,000 From Bank Account

An expatriate in Dubai has accused a gang in Dubai of offering fake massage service and told the authorities in the emirate that the group has assaulted him and stole AED50,000 from his bank account.

According to an official report, the 42-year-old Jordanian victim went to a massage parlor in August this year after chatting with the person behind an ad on his Facebook page. Both of them agreed to meet at a location provided by the woman on WhatsApp.

“I entered the apartment and saw a black woman. I asked her about the girl who was in the picture and she didn’t answer me. All of a sudden, six men attacked me. They gagged me with a towel,” he said.

The gang then stole his wallet and mobile phone and threatened him to kill if he didn’t reveal his credit card details.

“They withdrew AED50,000 from my account and erased the chat with the woman on my mobile phone and escaped,” he added.

The suspects have been tracked through surveillance cameras. Three of them have already been arrested and admitted to luring the Jordanian man to the apartment and stealing money.


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