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Dubai Launches Mini Bus Depot To Improve Bus Operations

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) opens Monday (5 July 2021), a Mini Bus Depot next Etisalat Metro Station on the Green Line. The new depot will house buses deployed on Route (F07) and (367) instead of sending them to the bus depots at Al Awir, Al Khawaneej and Al Ruwayah. As such, it will improve the operational efficiency of these two routes by saving dead kilometres due to travelling to those depots.

The (F07) Bus Route moves from Etisalat metro station and reaches the Labour accommodation at Al Qusais, while (367) Bus Route moves from Etisalat metro station and reaches High Bay of Dubai Silicon Oasis.

RTA is also introducing several improvements on other Dubai Bus routes including the launch of two metro feeder routes (F19A) and (F19B) during off-peak times (from 10:00 am to 04:00 pm) at a service frequency of 30 minutes.

Moreover, the timings of Routes (F24), (F07), (F18), and (F22) will be improved. More journeys will be added in the morning to synchronise them with the revised timetables of the Green Line of the metro service starting at 05:00 am in the direction of Creek Metro Station.


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