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Dubai OFW's Fortune Soars: From AED12 to AED100,000 Mahzooz Jackpot Winner

Reymund, a Filipino expatriate working in Dubai, experienced a dramatic change in fortune after winning Dh100,000 in the Mahzooz raffle draw. With only Dh12 in his bank account a week ago, his balance has now soared to Dh100,012.

Reymund, 36, has been a supervisor at a petrol station in Dubai for six years. He expressed disbelief at his newfound wealth, stating, “Friday was the luckiest day of my life. It was like my bank balance was topped up with Dh100,000.” This win marks his first jackpot in the Mahzooz draw, which he has participated in since its inception.

With his winnings, Reymund plans to pay off his debts and open a grocery store in the Philippines, his home country. He also intends to treat himself to a new mobile phone.

In related news, Hadi, an Australian businessman residing in the UAE for nine years, won Dh150,000 in the Emirates Draw MEGA7 and EASY6 games. He plans to use his winnings to clear his credit card debts and bolster his savings. “With the winning, I feel so relieved and I can concentrate more on my business now and even grow it,” Hadi shared.

Additionally, Saami, an Indian expat and waiter in Dubai, won Dh100,000 in the Mahzooz Draw. With this win and his savings, he aims to fulfill his dream of opening a restaurant. He has been participating in the draw for one and a half years, spending over Dh5,000. Saami, who initially played with his birthday as his lucky number, won the draw using the birth date of his newborn son. He plans to continue donating a portion of his salary to charity, a practice he started after winning the prize.


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