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Dubai Police Commends Filipina for Road Safety Efforts

A Filipina in Dubai was recently honored by the Dubai Police Traffic General Department for her active participation in the 'We Are All Police’ initiative.

The commendation for Mrs. Ellie Marie Perrier was presented by Colonel Muhammad Al Qaydi, Acting Deputy Director of the General Department of Traffic. It highlights the department's appreciation for community members who aid in maintaining road safety.

Col. Al Qaydi underscored the crucial role of community-police collaboration. "There are many instances where residents witness reckless road behaviors that might risk lives," said Al Qaydi. He encouraged the public to promptly report such incidences using the Dubai Police smart app or by calling the 'We Are All Police' hotline at (901).

Col. Al Qaydi clarified the department's approach to reported violations, emphasizing a commitment to thorough verification before punitive action. "Our primary step is to validate the reports. Only after verification do we take necessary actions against violators, ensuring fairness and accuracy in our system," he said.

Expressing gratitude for the accolade, Mrs. Perrier encouraged fellow residents to actively participate in the 'We Are All Police' programme, emphasizing the collective role in ensuring public safety.


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