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Dubai Police Confiscate Over 4,500 E-Scooters In Safety Crackdown

Dubai Police are intensifying their traffic enforcement initiatives to improve safety for users of e-scooters, bicycles, and electric bikes across the emirate. Major General Abdullah Ali Al Ghaithi, Assistant Commandant for Operations Affairs at Dubai Police, emphasized the importance of these measures in a recent statement.

"Our goal is to ensure the roads are safe for all users by curbing traffic violations and reckless driving behaviors," Al Ghaithi said. He noted the rising popularity of these alternative modes of transport and the related safety challenges, especially when used in unauthorized areas.

The first half of 2024 has seen several accidents involving these vehicles, leading to four deaths and various injuries. In response, authorities have recorded over 7,800 violations and confiscated around 4,500 e-scooters and bikes.

Al Ghaithi highlighted typical traffic violations, such as speeding over 60 km/h, dangerous riding, carrying passengers on e-scooters, and riding against traffic. He stressed the importance of following designated lanes, wearing appropriate safety gear, and avoiding riding under poor visibility conditions.

Dubai Police are also encouraging public participation in maintaining road safety through their "Police Eye" service and the "We Are All Police" hotline. Al Ghaithi called for community cooperation to enhance safety for all road users in Dubai.


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