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Dubai Police Officer Lost Leg After Reckless Driver Rams Into Patrol Car

A Dubai Police officer had to be amputated after a reckless driver rammed into his patrol car in Jebel Ali.

According to local reports, the driver, an Emirati woman, 30, was driving her Porsche when the accident happened on March 21.

It happened when a patrol car was called to the Jebel Ali area when a vehicle broke down in the middle of the road.

After pushing the stalled car to the side of the carriageway, and despite using sirens and hazard lights, the speeding Porsche failed to break, The National reported.

The officer was hit by the car, after which the car crashed into the broken-down car and injured one of its passengers.

The driver of the stalled vehicle sustained moderate injuries.

The Emirati driver was sentenced to one month in prison in June and her driving license was suspended for three months.

“Despite the fact that the verdict is based on accurate legal grounds and should be upheld, the court sees in its capacity to take the defendant by leniency and amend the punishment to a fine of Dh10,000,” the verdict of the Dubai Traffic Court noted.


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