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Dubai Police Spread Joy and Smiles as They Celebrate 8-Year-Old's Birthday on Patrol

Dubai Police recently made an eight-year-old Indian boy's dream come true by celebrating his birthday and taking him on patrol. The touching event took place at Al Ayas police station, where the young boy's wish to experience police work up close was granted.

The initiative to fulfill the child's wish was part of the 'Make a Child Happy' program, which falls under Dubai Police's broader strategy to spread joy and happiness in the community. Colonel Khalifa Al Awadi, who spearheaded the effort, emphasized the importance of granting children's wishes, underscoring how such actions contribute to a positive and compassionate society.

The young boy, named Ryan, shares a deep fascination with police work and police patrols, making the opportunity to join officers on a patrol tour an unforgettable experience. His father, eager to make his son's dream a reality, reached out to Dubai Police with the special request. Moved by the boy's passion and enthusiasm, Captain Saif Al Kaabi and his colleagues gladly took it upon themselves to ensure Ryan's birthday celebration would be one he'd cherish forever.

As the day unfolded, Captain Al Kaabi and his fellow officers took Ryan to various suburban locations in the area, introducing him to the intricate workings of a police patrol. Eager to learn, Ryan listened attentively as they explained the ins and outs of their duties, igniting a spark of excitement within the young boy.

The culmination of the celebration filled the room with warmth and gratitude as Ryan's father expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the Dubai Police for their exceptional efforts in making his son's dream come true. He shared that the experience would undoubtedly remain one of the most cherished memories in Ryan's life, leaving an indelible mark on his young heart.


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