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Dubai residents now allowed to step outside without movement permit

Starting on Friday, April 24, residents in Dubai are no longer need to obtain a movement permit from the Dubai Police's website to to the grocery stores and buy essentials. The authorities in Dubai announced through the Dubai Media Office that a partial reduction in the restrictions on movement in Dubai will start on Friday--but only from 6am to 10pm.

Strict precautionary measures are still need to be followed.

"Despite the difficult circumstances the world is facing today, the UAE has set an example dealing with the crisis. The guidance and follow up of the leadership, the combined efforts of all stakeholders and the close integration of various measures and initiatives helped the country deal effectively with the crisis. This was also made possible through the commitment of all individuals and institutions both in the private and public sector. All measures undertaken by the country have been driven by the objective of safeguarding everyone's safety and well-being," the Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management said in a statement.


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