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DXB Elite Triumphs in Epic Gshock 3X3 Challenge Showdown at Champs Jebel Ali

In a thrilling showcase of talent and teamwork, the Gshock 3X3 Challenge at Champs Jebel Ali concluded with DXB Elite taking home the championship title.

With hundreds of participants, the tournament saw intense competition, especially in the semi-final match between teams RBA and DXB Elite.

The semi-final match was a head-to-head battle filled with tension and excitement. Both teams demonstrated remarkable skill and determination, with the game's momentum shifting back and forth.

Ultimately, DXB Elite's relentless offensive strategies and robust defense allowed them to overcome RBA, securing a spot in the finals.

The tournament featured 6 women's teams and 10 men's teams, highlighting the growing popularity of the sport among both genders.

Fans were treated to an array of spectacular plays, tough competition, and sportsmanship throughout the competition.

In the final match, DXB Elite's prowess shone through once again, and they were crowned the champions of the Gshock 3X3 Challenge.


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