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E-Scooter Storage Banned in Some Dubai Apartments Amidst Fire Risk Concerns

Several residential buildings in Dubai have taken the decision to prohibit the storage of e-scooters inside apartments, citing concerns over safety, according to a Khaleej Times report.

The move comes after numerous complaints from tenants about e-scooters crowding corridors and common areas in shared accommodations.

Additionally, there have been fears that e-scooters pose a fire risk, particularly when left charging overnight. The management of the buildings has issued the directive as a precautionary measure.

An anonymous administrator for a cluster of residential buildings in Al Barsha revealed in the Khaleej Times report that the decision was prompted by incidents in other locations where e-scooter batteries sparked and caught fire. While such instances have not occurred in their building, the management wanted to prevent any potential hazards.

Concerns have been raised about the current demand for e-scooters surpassing the available infrastructure to support their safe usage.

Safety experts have also pointed out the risks associated with substandard e-scooters and chargers readily available online. E-scooters are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which can overheat and catch fire, especially when damaged or manufactured poorly.

Although data on e-scooter fires is not widely available, there have been instances of e-scooter batteries overheating and exploding.

To reduce the risk of fire when charging e-scooters, safety measures have been advised by experts, including avoiding overnight charging, refraining from using substandard scooters and chargers, and purchasing lithium batteries from reputable sellers.

Additionally, installing smoke alarms near charging stations and using the correct charger for the battery have been recommended.


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