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Ed Sheeran to Perform in Dubai as Part of Mathematics Tour in January 2024

English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has announced that he will be performing in Dubai in January 2024 as a part of his + – = ÷ x Tour. The exact date and venue for the concert are yet to be announced.

In a recent update on his verified Twitter account, Sheeran revealed that fellow singer Calum Scott will be joining him for the Asian leg of the tour. This announcement comes after Sheeran hinted at an Asian tour last May.

Ed Sheeran’s latest album “Subtract,” released in March, has been described by the artist as his most candid work yet, reflecting on some challenging moments from his past. The single “Eyes Closed” and its poignant music video touch on themes of loss.

Sheeran’s ever-growing fame is not just confined to his music. The artist recently debuted a documentary series, “The Sum of it All,” on Disney+, giving fans an inside look into his personal and professional life.

Recognized globally for chart-topping hits like “Perfect,” “Shape of You,” “Photograph,” and “Lego House,” Sheeran continues to make a mark on the music industry and captivate audiences worldwide. Fans in Dubai and across Asia are eagerly awaiting further details about the upcoming concert.


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