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Emirates Loto in UAE Is Returning On November 21

Emirates Lotto—the first approved digital draw in the region—is going to be back on November 21.

However, the game will be using a new name, ‘Mahzoooz’, which means fortunate or lucky in Arabic.

The weekly draw where residents and citizens may win up to AED50 million has temporarily stopped since mid-July due to an ‘upgrade’.

“The new and exciting Mahzooz is a digitally-advanced and secure platform that gives individuals the opportunity to make their dreams come true from a new structure of incredible prizes. Participants can enter the draw through the Mahzooz website or via Mahzoon app on iOS and Android which will be available soon,” EWINGS, the managing director, said in a press conference held last Sunday.

The first draw will be taking place on Saturday, November 21 at 9pm.

“Winners who are lucky enough to match six numbers will be able to claim a share a minimum AED50-million grand prize. Winners who match five numbers will be able to claim a share of the second tier AED1-million prize, which might increase depending on how many players there are. Four numbers will earn a cash prize of AED1,000, and those who match three numbers will receive AED35,” CEO of EWINGS Teresa Starr said.


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