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Emirates Passengers Affected By Delayed Covid Results May Rebook Flights With No Penalty

Emirates passengers from the United Arab Emirates can rebook flights without penalty and receive reimbursement for delayed COVID-19 findings.

Travelers who are unable to travel owing to insufficient COVID-19 documentation or who test positive for COVID have the option to rebook their flights without penalty or, in some cases, receive a refund.

According to the spokesperson of Emirates, “Our generous waiver policy means that customers unable to make their originally booked flights due to incomplete Covid-19 documentation or a positive test result can rebook to fly later without penalty, or refund their ticket.”

“If customers do not show up for their flight, their tickets will be automatically suspended. This means they will not be able to make changes to their bookings themselves and will have to contact us via our sales office or contact centre to process any changes.” he also added.


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