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Emirati Loses All Savings From Fraud Call

A young Emirati in the UAE has lost all his savings from a seven-minute fraud phone call.

Citing the UAE-based newspaper Al Bayan, the incident began when Rashid, the Emirati, received a phone call from a person claiming to be an employee from his bank.

The person on the other line claimed that the bank was updating the customer’s data and asked him for personal information related to his account.

Rashid, at first, was suspicious of the call. However, the fraudster convinced him that he was indeed working in a bank.

Rashid refused to provide his password when the caller asked him to. The fraudster, on the other hand, insisted that his banking card would be suspended should he refuse to give his password. He agreed, provided the information, and ended the call.

Less than an hour, the Emirati received a message from his bank that his entire balance had been withdrawn.

He tried to call the bank only to be informed that he was victimized by a fraudster.

Authorities in the UAE have repeatedly advised residents to avoid sharing their banking information with anyone over the phone.


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