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Expect All Dubai-Manila Flights Subject To Sudden Change, Cancellations

Following the restrictions imposed by the Philippine government, including capping the number of inbound passengers to 1,500 every day, a Dubai-based travel agent warned returning overseas Filipino workers of sudden changes and cancellations in their bookings.

The decision came after the country recorded record-high Covid-19 cases. The Philippine Airline (PAL) has earlier suspended its Dubai-Manila flights for March 18 and March 20.

“Expect that all flights are subject to sudden changes and cancellations as Philippine government reviews and weighs the spread of Covid-19 [in the Philippines],” Geoffrey Salatan, a travel manager for a Dubai-based travel agency, told The Global Filipino Magazine.

Salatan said the government might need to address some issues related to the shortage of quarantine facilities and the recent passenger limitation arrivals, thus sudden changes In the travelers’ bookings are expected.

He clarified that the airline, neither any travel agency, has no control over these changes but must abide by the protocol mandated by the government.

“It is indeed difficult as people travel not only for leisure or to see their families; worst, they need to leave UAE due to expired visas, death in the family, medical reasons, and others,” he added.

“In terms of rebooking or any urgent travel requirements, travel agencies should closely monitor the seat availability as it’s really challenging to get one,” Salatan further added.


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