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Filipina Quantity Surveyor In Ajman Wins Dh100,000 At Mahzooz Draw

After winning AED100,000 or approximately P1.35 million at the recently concluded Mahzooz draw, a Filipina wishes to reunite with her daughter in the Philippines.

The Filipina, Jocelyn, 44, works as a quantity surveyor. She won the AED100,000 prize along with two other expats in the 55th weekly Mahzooz draw.

The Ajman-based Filipina was watching the weekly live draw on her mobile.

“I leaped out of bed and ran to tell my husband when my name popped up. We cried tears of happiness,” she said in a statement.

Jocelyn said that winning the prize is an early Christmas and birthday gift for her. She said that it will cover flight tickets for their trip to the Philippines next year to see their daughter graduate from elementary school.

“My winnings will also go towards helping family members because a blessing shared is a blessing doubled,” she added.

The two other expats who won the same amount were Indian engineer Mahendiran and Palestinian national Abdelrehem.

“Thanks to Mahzooz, my wife and I can take care of our parents without having to save for years. I will use the remainder of the winning amount to clear debts, and buy my wife and daughter a gift,” Mahendiran, 29, and an Abu Dhabi-based resident, said.

For his part, Abdelrehem, 32, revealed that it was his sixth attempt to win the prize.

“First, I’ll pay off some debts and help my brother financially. Then, I’ll buy myself some new clothes and accessories and finally, I’ll start a small business and get married now that I’m financially well off. Winning with Mahzooz has given me options I didn’t have before,” he said.


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