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Filipina worker in UAE wins iPhone 15 through Philippine

Ms. Mary Grace P. Dimaano has been awarded an iPhone 15 after winning the Philippine "Book and Win" campaign, which took place from March 20 to April 30, 2024.

Mary Grace, an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Al Ain for seven years, started her journey as a housemaid, then worked in hotel housekeeping, and is currently a cleaner at the Karkafi Hair Al Ain branch. She worked continuously for seven years without a vacation to support her family.

Shortly after arriving in the UAE, her youngest child was diagnosed with leukemia and underwent three and a half years of chemotherapy. During this time, Mary Grace also supported her eldest daughter through college, where she graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering.

Now, with her youngest child in good health and her eldest daughter having completed her studies, Mary Grace is preparing for her first vacation back to the Philippines. Winning the iPhone 15 through the campaign is a significant blessing for her.

"I am extremely thankful for this blessing," Mary Grace said, expressing her gratitude for the promotion by Philippine Airlines and


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