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Filipino UAE Karate Clubs united with One Day Friendship Tournament!

Filipino Karatekas in UAE from different karate styles formed a brotherhood and held its 1st United Karatedo in Emirates - Friendship Tournament last September 6, 2019 at Dubai, UAE.

Participated by 8 different clubs from Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, the friendship tournament showcased the young Filipino talents.

Other foreign students of Filipino instructors also contributed. Mentioned event will be the first of many in bringing together all Filipino practitioners and keeping the tradition the Pinoy way.

ISKC-JKA from Flora Grand Hotel Dubai was awarded as overall Champion.

ISKC-JKA 24Fitness from Dubai was awarded as 2nd Overall Champion

SKIF Philippines AUH Chapter from flex gym Abu Dhabi was awarded as 3rd overall Champion

While My First Gym from Abu Dhabi was awarded 4th overall Champion & Shitoryu Karatedo Society from Dubai was awarded 5th overall Champion.

Hamdan karatedo from Meydan Heights, Shukokai from Muraqqabat Deira Dubai and Rotana Hotel Dubai was awarded 6th overall Champion.

Filbrit, the youngest club from the group, with one participant was awarded as 7th overall champion.

The Referees & Judges during the Tournament.

SOURCE : Mr. Gefrrey Won | International Shotokan Karate Centre - JKA


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