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Filipino Pride to Illuminate Dubai World Trade Centre for Independence Day Celebrations

Embodying the spirit of "Bayanihan," or communal unity, the Filipino Society (FilSoc) of Dubai is set to mark Philippine Independence Day on June 18, 2023, at the Dubai World Trade Centre, showcasing the vibrant culture and resilient spirit of the Filipino community.

Dubbed as one of the most anticipated events in the Filipino expatriate calendar, the celebration aims to bring together thousands of kababayans (compatriots) and celebrity guests in a day-long extravaganza filled with camaraderie, cultural performances, and festivities.

the event will pay tribute to the 125th year of Philippine independence, reflecting on the nation's rich history and its journey towards sovereignty.

The FilSoc Dubai, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Filipino culture, unity, and welfare among the overseas Filipino community, has been preparing meticulously for this monumental event. It hopes to bring the essence of the Philippines to Dubai, allowing attendees to experience the fervor of Filipino pride and the warmth of its people.

The event promises a thrilling line-up of activities for every attendee. There will be traditional Filipino dance performances, live music from local Filipino bands, and renditions of popular Filipino songs. The attendees will also witness a grand parade showcasing the country's diverse regional cultures.

The Philippine Independence Day celebration is a free-to-attend event.


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