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Filipino Stars Barbie Imperial and Gerald Anderson Grace Shukran Festival in Dubai

The vibrant Filipino community in Dubai celebrated the Shukran Festival 2023 with exceptional enthusiasm at Horizon International School, Al Wasl. The festival, which was free for all attendees, ran from 8 AM to 8 PM, and was a showcase of gratitude, symbolizing the year-long care and love experienced by Filipinos in the UAE.

The event featured thrilling sports as champion basketball and volleyball teams from across the Emirates competed for the ultimate trophy. The sportsmanship and competitive spirit were palpable, with attendees cheering on their favorite teams in a display of unity and community strength.

Adding to the festival's allure were the special appearances by ABS-CBN talents Barbie Imperial and Gerald Anderson, who brought a touch of celebrity glamour to the occasion. Gerald Anderson participated in the basketball games, while Barbie Imperial captivated the audience with her musical performance, both contributing to the day’s high spirits.

The Shukran Festival also included interactive games and activities, engaging attendees in a fun-filled environment. It was not just a celebration but also a testament to the Filipino spirit of camaraderie and collaboration in the UAE.

The event was organized by Infinite Communities and TFC, with the support of various sponsors and community partners.


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