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Filipinos Abroad Heading Back To Philippines Advised To Register Online Before Travel

The Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) has issued a reminder to all overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) planning to come home for the summer vacation to register online before their scheduled trips. This comes as the Bureau of Immigration (BI) is set to fully implement the electronic travel or e-travel system starting April 15.

According to the e-travel system, all arriving passengers must register at not earlier than 72 hours from their scheduled arrival in the country. Departing passengers, on the other hand, must also register not earlier than 72 hours, but not later than three hours, from their scheduled departure from the country.

While some OFWs see no problem with the e-travel system, others have expressed their concerns, claiming that the government is imposing too many requirements.

To note, the BI will discontinue the use of paper-based arrival and departure cards starting in May. The BI previously announced that it would stop the use of paper-based departure cards and require travelers to fill out their departure and arrival cards online.

The DMW urges all OFWs to comply with the new e-travel system to avoid inconvenience and delays during their travels.


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