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Fine For Witchcraft And Sorcery Activities In UAE AED50,000

The Public Prosecution of the UAE reiterated that sorcery is a crime because such activity violates the country's Islamic (Sharia) law.

Anyone who directly or indirectly endangers the physical or mental condition of another person using magic will be punished by law.

“Whoever commits for exploitation or harm of others an act of illusion, sorcery, or quackery, whether in fact or by deceit, with or without consideration, shall be sentenced to imprisonment and fined a monetary penalty of not less than Dh50,000,” the prosecutor said.

Also covered in Article 366 of Federal Decree-Law No. 31 of 2021 as follows:

> Doing actions, saying words, or using illegitimate or logically unacceptable means or methods to affect the body, heart, mind, or will of another person, whether directly or indirectly, in fact or as an imagination.

> Deceiving people's eyes or controlling their senses or hearts in any way to show them something contrary to its truth, for the purpose of exploiting them or affecting their minds or beliefs

The following categories are punishable by a prison sentence and/or fine:

> Any person who seeks the help of a sorcerer with the intention of influencing the body, heart, mind or will of another.

> Brings or imports into the country books, amulets, materials or tools intended for witchcraft or sorcery.


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