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Fines For Overstaying On Residency Visa In UAE Doubled

UAE authorities have amended overstaying fines both for residents and tourists.

According to a Khaleej Times report, citing typing centre agents in the country, tourists and visit visa holders who overstay will pay AED50 a day instead of AED100.

Meanwhile, those overstaying on a residency visa will have to pay double–AED50 per day instead of AED25.

“The fine on a visit visa has been reduced to Dh50 from Dh100. Fine on the residency visa has been doubled,” Muneer from Tastahel Documents, told Khaleej Times.

Changes to the visa rule have been made as part of the sweeping visa reforms announced last month.

“There were several changes introduced last month. The system has been unified,” Mohammed Shaheed from a typing centre in Mussafah, was quoted as saying in the same report.


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