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‘Flying Man’ Demonstrates the Future of Transportation in Dubai

Sam Rogers, known as the ‘Flying Man’, successfully tested his Gravity Jet Suit in Dubai on Wednesday, September 27. The demonstration, which saw Rogers soaring 15 meters above the ground three times, took place at the parking area of Zabeel Hall, Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC).

Rogers, a UK-based Test Pilot and Design Lead at Gravity Industries, developed the world’s fastest jetpack using 3D printing technology. His flight in Dubai is part of the ongoing 3rd Dubai World Congress for Self-Driving Transport, a significant event exploring innovations shaping the future of mobility and transportation solutions.

The Self-Driving Transport Congress (SDC) Dubai shared the thrilling “Flying Man Demo By Gravity” on Instagram, where Rogers showcased his groundbreaking technology to participants of the Congress. The post highlighted the innovation shaping the future of transportation and mobility solutions.

Remarkably, on Tuesday, September 26, SDC shared another video showcasing Rogers flying from his hometown to Dubai across the sea using the latest iteration of his jet suit, Mark III. The clip featured Rogers seamlessly integrating with Dubai’s existing autonomous transportation, as he was seen boarding a driverless bus and then the autonomous Dubai Metro to reach DWTC.


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