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Gawad Kasambahay 2023 Recognizes Outstanding Filipino Household Service Workers in UAE

The prestigious Awarding Ceremony of Gawad Kasambahay 2023 was held at the Boracay Club in Asiana Hotel, Dubai, where outstanding domestic workers were recognized for their remarkable contributions. The event was graced by several dignitaries from various sectors in the UAE, including diplomatic missions and business sectors, who joined in celebrating the exemplary service of the awardees.

This year, a total of 35 finalists were selected and nominated for various categories that highlighted their exceptional skills and dedication. The categories included Household Manager of the Year, Loyalty Award, Kasambahay Achiever of the Year, Lady Driver of the Year, Breadwinner of the Year, K! Idol of the Year, Nanny of the Year, TikToker of the Year, Best Dressed of the Night, and Best in Recycled Gown.

The winners of each category were announced amidst great anticipation and applause, recognizing their outstanding achievements and commitment to their work. The winners for the respective categories are as follows:

* Household Manager of the Year: Helen Aduccul * Loyalty Award: Elvira Tabaranza * Kasambahay Achiever of the Year: Mary Jane Flores * Lady Driver of the Year: Rosalina Gerasmia * Breadwinner of the Year: Maribel Manocan * K! Idol of the Year: Maricris Virtudazo * Nanny of the Year: Marife de los Santos * Leadership Award: Crisanta De La Cruz

In addition to the individual recognition, the event also acknowledged employers who demonstrated exemplary practices and fostered a positive working environment for their domestic workers through the Exemplary Employer of the Year award.

The recipients of this esteemed award were Mrs. Nivedita Shrikent, Mr. Bahadir Pekin, Mrs. Danielle D. Bell, Mr. Laurent Lebouille, Mr. Pieter Egbers, Mr. Mirco Pieroni, and Mrs. Aarti Tandon.

Furthermore, special recognition was given to OFW Leo Barrameda, who was honored with the Dangal ng GK Award, highlighting his exceptional contributions and achievements.

Additionally, Kim Royce Mantua and Benjie Geronimo received the Best Supportive Social Media Influencer award for their efforts in promoting and advocating the welfare of domestic workers.

Mrs. Michelle Guinto, the CEO and Managing Director of the event and main organizer, expressed her appreciation for the Filipino community in the UAE, emphasizing their significant contributions to the nation's economic growth and cultural understanding. She stated, "The overseas Filipino workers have not only contributed to the economic growth of this great nation but have also played an integral role in shaping the lives of their employers, fostering mutual respect and understanding between cultures."

During the Awarding Ceremony, Mrs. Guinto also took the opportunity to launch Balikbayan Store, a new venture owned by her. Balikbayan Store aims to provide Filipinos in the UAE with the opportunity to purchase appliances such as TV sets and sofa sets through installment basis with zero interest, catering to the needs of the community.

The Awarding Ceremony of Gawad Kasambahay 2023 was a momentous occasion that celebrated the remarkable contributions of domestic workers in Dubai.

Through this event, the outstanding dedication and achievements of these individuals were recognized, promoting a culture of appreciation and respect for the invaluable services they provide to households and communities alike.


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