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Girls, want to know the secret of how to maintain a beautiful nails?

Know how to maintain and take care of those gorgeous nails in just one minute. Well, this is absolutely an interesting topic for all the Ladies out there. Here are some useful & helpful tips for you directly from the nail-expert, Simply Posh Ladies Salon & Beauty Spa.

1. Trim your nails straight across

2. Stop biting your nails

3. Refrain from cutting and picking at your cuticles

4. Maintain hygiene

5. Use a moisturizer

6. Apply a base coat for protection

7. Top it up with a top coat

8. Avoid harsh nail polishes and lastly,

9. Never scrape off your nail polish

For further info visit Simply Posh Ladies Salon & Beauty Spa at Block B, B33, Al Owais Bldg. Al Rigga St. Deira, Dubai UAE.

For home service & reservation please contact Ms. Cecille at Landline Number 04-2364451 or Whatsapp 055-3281128. Hurry! Book Now! Cool promo awaits you!

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