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Global Village In Dubai Returns On October 26 For 27th Season

Global Village in Dubai is all set to welcome back visitors on October 26, 2022, for its 27th season. This time, it is packed with more entertainment, experiences, shopping, food, and leisure.

The park is open from 4 pm every day until midnight; however, ticket prices vary if they’re bought online and at the counters.

Buying tickets online is 10 percent cheaper.

A new value ticket has been introduced this season which is valid from Sunday to Thursday (excluding public holidays). Meanwhile, its any day ticket can be used by visitors on any preferred day, including public holidays.

The value ticket is sold at AED20 per person, while any day ticket costs AED25.

Via online, value ticket is sold at a price of AED18, and any day ticket is AED22.50.

This year, the site added two more pavilions, namely Qatar and Oman.

The pavilions are UAE, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Africa, Americas, China, Egypt, Europe, India, Iran, Oman, Japan, South Korea, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, Yemen, and Russia.


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