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Here Are The Types of Face Coverings You Cannot Wear In Dubai Airports

Did you know that there are certain masks that you cannot wear if you’re traveling via the Dubai International Airport?

Emirates airline took to Twitter to advised passengers to avoid wearing bandanas, scarves, or shawls as face coverings. It also told passengers to avoid using plastic masks.

Passengers, according to the Dubai-based airline, are advised to wear cloth or surgical masks to ensure maximum protection.

It added that ‘specific masks’ may be required, depending on one’s destination.

“Due to local government regulations, only medical face masks are accepted in flights from Dubai to Germany, France, and Australia,” Emirates wrote on its website.

Those who are traveling via Dubai airports must wear cloth or medical mask ‘throughout Dubai International Airport, during boarding, throughout your flights, and as you leave the aircraft.’

Meanwhile, it clarified that children under the age of six and passengers who have certain medical conditions do not have to wear a mask.

“If for a medical reason you’re unable to wear a mask throughout your entire journey, you need to complete a Medical Information Form (MEDIF) before your flight,” Emirates noted.

The same rule is applied to passengers with the following cognitive, intellectual, or sensory conditions:

-Parkinson’s disease

-Alzheimer’s disease



-Down syndrome

-Developmental delay

-Autism spectrum condition

-Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

-Heart failure

-Cystic fibrosis



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