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Household Service Workers In Dubai To Be Recognized At The ‘Gawad Kasambahay 2019’

A total of 36 household service workers (HSWs) in the United Arab Emirates will be battling it out at the Gawad Kasambahay 2019 on Friday at Palazzo Versace Hotel, Dubai.

The grand finalists are categorized in 10 sections: Loyalty Award, Lady Driver of The Year, Nanny of the Year, House Cook of The Year, Kasambahay Achiever of the Year, Breadwinner of The Year, Household Manager of the Year, K! Idol (Kasambahay Idol), Exemplary Employer of The Year, and CMG Cargo Awardee.

The Gawad Kasambahay 2019 was launched late this year to recognize and search outstanding and exemplary Filipino HSWs.

The main goal of the event is to uplift the morale and highlight the contributions of domestic workers in the UAE, who play a huge role in every day life of every family in the UAE.

As part of the recognition, the winners will be given return air ticket to the Philippines, brand new tricycle, food carts, sari-sari store, and among others.



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