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Indian Company Promotes Employees’ Work-life Balance By Locking Desktops After Business Hours

SoftGrid Computers, an Indian IT company, has made waves on social media for its unique approach to promoting work-life balance among its employees. The company has implemented a “reminder system” that locks employees’ desktops after business hours and issues a warning that says, “WARNING!!! Your shift time is over. The office system will shut down in 10 mins. PLEASE GO HOME!”.

This move has been well received by some, with over 430,778 reactions, 7,560 comments, and 12,653 reposts on LinkedIn as of writing. Many commenters have praised the company for taking a proactive stance on promoting work-life balance for its employees.

However, some have questioned the implementation of this system, calling it forced and asking whether it would work for all employees. The issue raises important questions about the best way for companies to address their employees’ concerns about work-life balance.


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